We provide two different types of tents * 510qm.
The architectural design of our Roundhouses (each 75qm) convinces in many cases.
One of the most beautiful attraction is the self-supporting roof with no central support.
The spiral shape and the hole in the center – let you feel direcly connected to the sky.
There is fire inside – flaming in a marvelous FIRE SCULPTURE. Besides the fire – the round shapes and the wood poles let us feel comfortable and it improve thermal dynamic.

The Roundhouses are combined with (three, 10x12m) stretch tents, which can be assemble individually.

As well there are lights, hammocks, wood benches, carpets, pillows, tables, flowers, ashtrays …

All the area inside and outside is decorated with naturel materials from the surroundings.

More fire sculptures, live painting & music, as well other attractions (theater, jonglage, cinema etc.) are possible.

During the event you will find little sweets and Indian Chai. We take care for fire, music and cleaning.

More info`s about the fire sculptures at https://www.facebook.com/pawel.lickas 

as well at metalmutaka.wordpress.com.